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Applying OpenTelemetry for Deeper Observability

 · Andreas Prins6 min read

OpenTelemetry is an open source framework for APM and observability platforms. It provides portable telemetry for apps written in various programming languages.

Research in Action

StackState Named Market Leader by Research in Action

 · Andreas Prins3 min read

The 2022 Vendor Selection Matrix™, from RIA, is a useful guide for learning about observability market trends and top observability vendors and platforms.

MTTD: An In-Depth Overview About What It Is and How To Improve It

MTTD: An In-Depth Overview About What It Is and How to Improve It

 · Heidi Gilmore5 min read

Get an in-depth overview about the incident metric Mean Time to Detect (MTTD), how to measure it, its relationship with MTTR, and how you can improve it.

StackState Observability Platform v5.1

StackState Observability Platform v5.1: Context Is King

 · Andreas Prins8 min read

Having the right information from your observability platform to understand the behavior of your stack is fundamental for solving problems. StackState Observability Platform v5.1 provides even deeper insights for managing your IT stack.

4T Monitors

Leverage Observability Data to Improve Application Reliability With 4T Monitors

 · Andreas Prins8 min read

StackState’s new 4T® Monitors introduce the ability to monitor IT topology as it changes over time to enrich observability data and improve application reliability.

Magnifying glass

Automate Troubleshooting of Applications Running on Kubernetes 

 · Mark Bakker8 min read

Observe your entire Kubernetes stack with StackState to automatically identify problems and highlight the changes that caused them for full context observability.

blog-card-How to Detect Anomalies and Why You Should Care

How to Detect Anomalies and Why You Should Care

 · Andreas Prins10 min read

Learn what an anomaly is, strategies to detect them, and why a proactive approach is becoming more important in today's complex and dynamic IT environments.

Monitoring Strategies

Monitoring Strategies: An Introductory Guide With 5 Examples

 · Andreas Prins12 min read

Get a better understanding of monitoring and learn five monitoring strategies and best practices to advance your monitoring to full stack observability.

blog-card-Domain-Agnostic vs. Domain-Centric AIOps

Understanding Domain-Agnostic v. Domain-Centric AIOps Platforms

 · Andreas Prins9 min read

Understand the pros and cons of both domain-agnostic and domain-centric AIOps platforms so you can choose the approach that best suits your company’s needs.

blog-card-The Complex But Elegant Relationship Between AIOps and Observability

The Complex But Elegant Relationship Between AIOps and Observability

 · Andreas Prins15 min read

Find out how an efficient observability platform powered by AI empowers digital transformation and eliminates complications caused by change and complexity.

Observability Maturity Model Fundamentals - Summary

Part 6: Observability Maturity Model Summary

 · Lisa Wells7 min read

This final blog of our 6 blog series provides a summary of each level of the Observability Maturity Model and how StackState can help you move to the next level.

Observability Maturity Model Fundamentals - part 5- Proactive Observability With AIOps

Part 5: Proactive Observability With AIOps – Level 4

 · Lisa Wells9 min read

Learn about proactive observability with AIOps in part 5 of our 6 blog series that outlines the basics of the Observability Maturity Model.

Blog 5.0

StackState 5.0 UI: Gain a Rapid Understanding and Speed Up Discovery

 · Andreas Prins8 min read

Find out how our v5.0 release is a big step forward in supporting you on your journey of easily discovering the right information to resolve incidents quickly.

Observability Maturity Model Fundamentals - part 4 - Causal Observability

Part 4: Causal Observability – Level 3

 · Lisa Wells10 min read

Learn about casual observability and the additional dimensions of topology and time correlated with telemetry data, and the impact of any incident or change.