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PNC Prospect Page Ganesh Krishnan

Dear Ganesh, ​

I’ve reached out to you as a fellow executive leader who cares about innovation and better execution in IT operations. As the original CMO at Dynatrace a decade ago, I know what game-changing breakthroughs look like in this market.​​

Your time is scarce, and my request is simple: spend 60 seconds on this microsite I created for you to learn why StackState is different from all the other IT monitoring, observability, and AIOps vendors out there, and see how our differences can deliver results for your organization like the value we’ve created for Accenture.​

What makes StackState different?

Every vendor in our space talks about the same business benefits – faster innovation cycles, better customer experiences, and reduced IT costs through faster problem identification, root cause analysis, and alert noise reduction. But to deliver better business outcomes, you need a fundamentally different technical approach.​

StackState is the only observability and AIOps platform that:​

  • creates a comprehensive and detailed map of the myriad components that make up your IT environment. Our topology maps covers everything -- cloud and on-prem, containers and microservices,  serverless and mainframe.​

  • tracks every change of each component and the relationships between them in our one-of-a-kind purpose-built versioned graph database​

  • correlates all this change data with all the telemetry sources you already collect in our integrated 4T Data Model (topology + telemetry + traces + time)​

Because StackState enables you to create a unique, enriched, and integrated observability data asset, we can deliver a step function improvement in the business outcomes you expect. We call it topology-powered observability.​​

Every customer that relies on StackState today already had (many!) tools in place before implementing us – Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Splunk, Elastic, Datadog, New Relic, ScienceLogic, Solarwinds, Zabbix, Nagios, etc. The reason they chose us was because we do something fundamentally different. ​

Our approach offers you five things:​

If you’d be open to a meeting or making an introduction to someone on your team to explore this further, please contact me (details below) or simply click here and I’ll reach out.​

Thanks for your consideration.​​


Toffer Winslow, CEO​

(M) +1 (617) 306-5458​