Senior Full Stack Developer

Our team of talented, ambitious engineers work together to solve a variety of complex technical challenges others wouldn’t dare to try. There’s a sense that anything is possible at StackState, no matter what. If you can dream it, at StackState you can build it. Are you ready to join us on our journey?

We are looking for:
  • You are intelligent with good technical and analytical skills. HBO/University working and thinking level is required.
  • You are able to work in a team with a real start-up mentality.
  • Ambition, you dare to take the initiative, have a ‘can do’ attitude and have the knowledge, zest, enthusiasm and confidence to develop this role.
  • You like to use the latest techniques and seek challenges and new applications. You thoroughly enjoy coding.
  • You love to build great features end to end.
Skills desired:
  • Comfortable coding in multiple languages like Scala, Java and TypeScript and multiple paradigms like functional reactive, asynchronously, stream based, object oriented, domain- and test driven.
  • Deeper knowledge about one of the following: Akka and Akka streams, Graph databases, Hadoop, HBase, distributed computing, machine learning or 3D graphics programming.
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