StackState Product Demo [Live Webinar]

The World’s First Algorithmic IT Operations Platform

Presented by: Mark Arts, Technical Sales Engineer

StackState provides a real-time overview of your entire IT and Business landscape based on a unique unifying model. Business services and processes and all supporting infrastructure, soft- and hardware are included. StackState pulls in data from operational tools you are already working with: monitoring, container management solutions, infra tooling, etc, and comes with an agent to fill the gaps where necessary.


Join this 30-minute webinar, as we’ll show how StackState lets you:

  • Bring all your tools and data in one place
  • Apply automated Root Cause Analysis to drastically reduce your MTTR
  • Increase uptime of business services and customer satisfaction by knowing the exact relations to IT in real-time
  • Create different views to get the right data to the right people

Thursday, June 15

7.00am PST (Los Angeles time)
10.00am ET (New York time)
3.00pm UTC (London time)
4.00pm CET (Amsterdam time)