AIOps for Splunk

Get more value out of your Splunk data lake

Your Challenges With Splunk

Manual Dependencies

Creating dependencies with Splunk is cumbersome and needs to be done manually. No auto-discovery available.

Limited Topology Capabilities

Splunk creates static topology visualizations of business processes and services. Infrastructure components aren’t included.

Hard To Troubleshoot Issues

Manually collect logs to correlate IT issues with business impact. This is time-consuming and involves multiple teams.

Introducing StackState AIOps

The Turbo On Top Of Splunk

StackState is the world’s leading monitoring and AIOps platform for hybrid IT environments. Based on data in Splunk, StackState creates a real-time topology map of your dynamic environment and monitors its health, helping you find and fix any problem within seconds.

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Enhance Your Splunk Investments With StackState

Auto-discovery of dependencies

StackState automatically discovers dependencies and components in real-time and auto-updates as things change. From infrastructure to business processes, we have you covered.

Full Stack Monitoring

StackState combines data from Splunk and any other IT management tool to track the health of your IT landscape. All relevant data is visualized one, unified overview.

Automatic Root Cause Analysis

‘Rewind’ StackState’s Topology visualization in time to immediately pinpoint the root cause of issues across your cloud and on-premise environment, reducing MTTR and MTTD up to 80%.

Proactively identify issues

Proactively identify threats across your environment with StackState’s anomaly detection. React to problems before they affect your business critical processes.

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