The StackState Platform

Delivering insight, investigation and prevention
across teams and tools.


Unique topology visualization

Discover and visualize all your components and their dependencies in real-time. StackState includes all business processes, services, and underlying infrastructure components in a single visualization.

Tools and technologies in one place
StackState uses all data from existing tools and technologies to map states, events, and metrics onto your topology. It reconciles this information into a health overview and tracks changes in real-time.

Monitor Business and IT
Get end-to-end visibility into the health of critical IT and business services and all underlying infrastructure components. StackState provides a real-time connection between technology and business performance.

Create team views
Delivering stable business services is a multiple-team effort that requires the ability for each to focus on its responsibilities. StackState allows teams to monitor environments and improve collaboration without losing the big picture.


Automated root cause analysis

Shorten your mean-time-to-repair drastically and save valuable time. StackState provides instant insight into the cause and impact of any change or failure.

Event correlation
Visualize and correlate events, metrics, and logs from multiple components over time, all in one place. Drill down from service deviation to individual events and understand what, when and why something happened.

Time travel
StackState audits every change in your landscape at any time. Travel back in time by minutes, hours or days, for an accurate, detailed visualization of your entire landscape’s history.


Anomaly detection

Become more proactive and prevent possible disruptions. StackState analyzes your data to distinguish anomalies between normal and abnormal trends. Quickly detect, investigate and respond to anomalous activity.

Proactive management
Prevent potential issues with machine learning and data science techniques. StackState integrates domain knowledge from operators to apply automated diagnostics and automatically take problem-solving actions.

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