Continuous Delivery

Your business wants to move faster and has started implementing continuous delivery. Deployments that used to happen once a quarter are now a daily occurrence. Good luck trying to keep your service running.

Visualize Your Landscape

StackState maintains an up-to-date dependency graph of your entire landscape. The graph shows all your business processes, applications and servers and how they relate to each other. Are you using containers? No problem, the graph is updated in real-time.

The flexible visualizer shows all components in one place, no matter the technology or where they are hosted. Slice and dice the components so you see only what’s relevant to you and your team. Finally, one source of truth you can trust.

Track Application Deployments

New application releases continuously move through your CD pipeline. StackState integrates with your deployment automation tools to record each version change so you are always aware of what is running where.

Time Travel

StackState is always on top of the current situation but it also has a great memory. We keep a record of all changes in your entire IT landscape and allow you to travel back in time at will. Analyse failures and do interactive post-mortems, tracing back through all events impacting your landscape.

Blue-Green and Canary Releases

Blue-green and Canary releases dramatically reduce the risk of releasing new code to critical environments. StackState keeps an eye on the critical performance metrics of your environments. At the first sign of trouble, StackState notifies your CD pipeline and alerts your team.

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