Log Analytics Made Easy

More insight. Faster resolution. Fewer queries.

Automated root cause analysis

Use StackState and Log Analytics tools together to:

  • See the exact root cause and components that caused the issue.
  • Understand the business impact when underlying components go to maintenance or experience an issue.
  • Apply anomaly detection to prevent outages and slowdowns.
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Compliancy monitoring made easy

Ensure your IT components comply to certain standards and requirements. By retrieving, correlating and aggregating all available data, StackState is able to perform advanced analytics like:

  • Show all components that are not compatible with other components according to a support matrix.
  • Show all components that are not redundant.
  • Show all components that are not used by an end user anymore, for a specific period of time.

Proactive decommissioning and cost optimization

Become aware of the occupancy of your entire IT environment. In addition, any insight related to costs of components are at hand. An array of specifications from power consumption to license costs to under-utilization or even vacancy; all data is there to optimize any economic benifit. Alltogether wou will be able to identify:

  • any (hidden) components that are not related to a business- or end user service;
  • any components which are inactive for a specific period of time;
  • a variety of costs such as licensing, maintenance, energy consumption and the like, that are associated with any individual component.

Single pane of glass

Bring all your tools and data in one place. StackState makes sense of large and complex environments.

  • Visualize topology and telemetry data with a dependency map instead of a plain table view.
  • Available data about business services, processes and supporting infrastructure components are automatically synchronized.
  • See dependencies and monitor the health of your landscape.

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