Root Cause Analysis

Increase uptime and reduce mean-time-to-repair

Automatically Determine the Cause of Issues

Let’s say one of your databases is slowing to a crawl, triggering numerous errors up and down your stack. How will you find the culprit?

StackState tracks telemetry for all your components, all the time, correlating the information with the graph. With the component dependencies, StackState can identify the origin of your problem and pinpoint where you need to correct the issue. Compare that to endless conf calls and war rooms and you’ll see that this is truly the next generation of problem solving.

Find Suspect Changes via Time Travel

Changes are the number one cause of downtime and outages. StackState registers all changes that affect your IT landscape, such as server upgrades and application deployments. Travel back in time to review when things went sideways and what changes were possibly related. StackState will even scan the changes and suggest the most likely causes (and solutions) for you.

Impact Analysis

Has your company ever experienced an outage because of an application upgrade or server maintenance? Oops.

With StackState’s dependency graph, you can analyse which services are impacted when you plan an activity and assess the risk of potential failures.

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