Unified Observability for Hybrid IT

Relate any app, to any stack, across any point in time


One unified view – Get Consolidated Analysis


For the data to be relevant and actionable, a context must be placed around the data ingested. StackState delivers this context through one unified topology overview. See all dependencies and get a shared understanding across teams and tools to get to the root cause of incidents faster. Learn more.


Next-Gen for dynamic IT environments

Dynamic Infrastructure Monitoring

Easily keep track of what is going on, across multiple cloud vendors, accounts and subscriptions, on-premise data centers, monoliths and microservices. Pinpoint problems faster without the need to toggle between tools. Learn more

Applications Performance Monitoring

Distributed tracing helps pinpoint where failures occur and what causes suboptimal performance at code level. Get to the root cause faster with StackState’s tracing capability. Learn more


Go faster with Artificial Intelligence

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Use our Artificial Intelligence powered monitoring platform to reduce the time to detect and analyze an issue up to 80%. Learn more.


Use StackState’s powerful AIOps platform for automatic anomaly detection. StackState even let’s you inject your own Artificial Intelligence scripts. Learn more

Impact Analysis

Be proactive. Know exactly how your change will affect your IT landscape before an issue occurs, at any point in time, across teams and tools. Learn more.

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