Next-Gen Monitoring and AIOps

Get insights across teams and tools


One unified view – Get Consolidated Analysis

Full Stack Observability

Consolidate all your data automatically into a single point of truth without any blind spots. See dependencies and get a shared understanding across teams and tools. Increase team work and eliminate finger pointing. Learn more.

Time Machine

Go back in time. Track all changes in your stack, no matter whether they are infrastructural changes, configuration changes or deployments. See how changes have impacted your business over time.

Release Faster

Enhance your unified view with our Application Release Automation Software Integration. See the impact releases have on the stability and performance of any part of your IT landscape. Release better software faster.


Next-Gen for dynamic IT environments

Full Stack Monitoring

Built for dynamic environments. Consolidate all sources in one view. Keep track of what is going on, across multiple cloud vendors, accounts and subscriptions, on-premise data centers, monoliths and microservices.

Health Checking

Analyse your data streams across multiple teams and tools in real-time. No batching. Always on track with the latest information.

StackState Agent

Supplement or replace tooling for automatic real-time discovery and monitoring through the StackState agent.


Go faster with Artificial Intelligence

Root Cause Analysis

Use our Artificial Intelligence powered monitoring platform to reduce the time to detect and analyze an issue up to 80%. Learn more.


Use StackState’s powerful AIOps platform for automatic anomaly detection. StackState even let’s you inject your own Artificial Intelligence scripts. Learn more

Impact Analysis

Be proactive. Know exactly how your change will affect your IT landscape before an issue occurs, at any point in time, across teams and tools. Learn more.

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