Dynamic Infrastructure Monitoring

From multiple monitoring tools to one single point of truth

One single point of truth

StackState combines in real time all your relevant monitoring data to see the health of your entire dynamic infrastructure in one easy to use interface. Whether you’ve deployed a new app on prem, in the cloud or in your virtualized data center, we’ve got you covered.


Stackstate creates a service map of all your containerized microservices. We capture every millisecond of change in real time, so your service map is always up to date. Use our time travel capability to go back in time to see how spun down containers effected your IT landscape.


Whether you run in a public, private, or hybrid cloud, StackState tracks any change of the dynamic environment. StackState delivers out of the box integrations for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


StackState is able to consolidate your existing monitoring data, even from on-premise and legacy environments. StackState will include this data in her unified platform to see how your on-premise environments are related to your modern Cloud or other modern dynamic IT landscapes.

StackState Agent

Supplement or replace tooling for automatic real-time discovery and monitoring through the StackState agent. The StackState agent supports more than 100 technologies. The StackState agent only takes an single command to install.

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