Dynamic Topology Visualization

Get a Shared Understanding Across Teams and Tools


StackState automatically merges, in real-time, a variety of topological data sources, such as cloud, automation, service registries, CMDB, virtualization, networking and deployment tooling.

See all Dependencies

Legacy to microservices. On-prem to cloud. Reactive or proactive. We have you covered. StackState automatically discovers, maps and monitors all components and dependencies from your business service to your infrastructure in real-time.

Cloud and Container

StackState integrates all major cloud and container technology in one unified view.

Powerful User Interface

Explore every part of your stack through a consistent and powerful UI that is easy to understand, use and manage. Have actionable insights always at your finger tips.

Decentralized Team Views

StackState helps you decentralize knowledge without creating another data silo. With the flexible user interface you can create specific views for any cross-section of your stack.

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