Monitoring Add-on

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See Health Checks & Changes

With the Monitoring Add-on, the topology of your IT environment will show health checks and changes. Green checks for a healthy status and red checks for a critical status. The timeline underneath the topology will show the health changes in time. Allowing you to travel back in time and see all the changes in health condition. The free version of StackState GO shows everything in blue not indicating any health checks or changes. GET MORE INFORMATION.

Get Root Cause Analysis

With the Monitoring Add-on you can reduce the time to detect and analyze an issue up to 80%. StackState’s Automatic Root Cause Analysis is constantly looking for the root causes and impact of potential problems, across hybrid and multi-cloud IT landscapes. Problems are reported with their impact on the chain and root cause(s) in real-time. GET MORE INFORMATION.

Event Handlers

Alert on problem impact instead of occurrence. Making sure to send the right alerts to the right team at the right time. Integrate it with Slack or PagerDuty and notify your team. GET MORE INFORMATION.

Custom Checks

Be able to define your own checks at the (business) data that matters to you. Allowing complete customization. GET MORE INFORMATION.


Automatically monitor all critical aspects of your IT environment. Making sure that you don’t miss any crucial information. GET MORE INFORMATION.

Custom Streams

Be able to correlate all of your (business) data with all the out of box data StackState provides. GET MORE INFORMATION.

Get Business Impact Analysis

Monitor your business instead of your IT. With the Monitoring Add-on, StackState will automatically relate business related events to IT events. Know exactly what the relation is between any part of your IT landscape and your business processes at any point in time in just a few clicks. Hook up real-time business-related telemetry to business components, like revenue streams, conversion rates or page traffic. GET MORE INFORMATION.

Get Problem Clustering

With the Monitoring Add-on you can get a comprehensible overview of all critical alerts in one simple alert. StackState can automatically identify issues that are likely to related in cause and cluster them together in the tool’s UI, so administrators aren’t deluged with cascades of individual alerts when problems occur. No more alert storms. GET MORE INFORMATION.

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Monitoring Add-on

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