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2019 Cool Vendor in Performance Analysis Summary

10 min read

Performance analysis vendors are responding to new challenges in monitoring systems with innovations including wider adoption of AIOps.

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StackState named a Cool Vendor in Performance Analysis

 · Bas Willems6 min read

StackState, the leading Topology and Relationship-Based Observability, announced that it has been named a Cool Vendor in “Performance Analysis”.


Designing a flexible non-SQl query language without reinventing the wheel

 · Lodewijk Bogaards3 min read

Why does StackState use StackState Query Language (STQL), instead of SQL? In this blog, Lodewijk shares StackState's novel approach to design STQL.


StackState Wins $5 Million in Funding to Innovate and Expand in the US

 · Bas Willems3 min read

StackState raised an additional $5 million in funding from Capri Ventures. It has built the world's leading monitoring and AIOps platform.


The 4 types of data to train Machine Learning models for IT Operations

 · Artem Grotov3 min read

Read about the 4 types of data to train Machine Learning and AI models for IT Operations in this blogpost.


Hype Cycle for I&O Automation, 2019

240 min read

I&O leaders must leverage the technologies in this Hype Cycle to optimize costs, improve efficiency and deliver faster customer value.

Analyst Reports

The power of AIOps: automatic remediation with StackState and Rundeck

 · Martin van Vliet3 min read

This article describes how StackState's AIOps platform can be combined with Rundeck to set up automatic remediation for common issues.


StackState: a key AIOps vendor in latest Gartner report "Augment Decision Making in DevOps Using AI Techniques"

 · Joey Compeer4 min read

StackState is excited to be one of Gartner's AIOps vendors that helps I&O leaders to make data-driven decisions.


Top 3 AIOps customer trends

 · Martin Lako3 min read

Martin Lako, Customer Success and Delivery Manager at StackState, shares how current customers are using StackState's AIOps platform.


Relating IT issues to business KPIs with AIOps

 · Kostyantyn Tatarnikov4 min read

Kostyantyn Tatarnikov, data scientist at StackState, explains how you can relate IT issues to business KPIs with AIOps.


Time Travel for AIOps: root cause analysis simplified

 · Joey Compeer3 min read

One of the most exciting updates is our improved time travel capability that helps IT operators to root cause issues instantly.


Augment Decision Making in DevOps using AI Techniques

50 min read

I&O leaders must leverage AI techniques to make data-driven decisions and automate actions to ensure business agility and stability.

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