AIOps for Telecom Providers

Relate IT Issues to Business Performance

Challenges You Face in Telecom

Complex Hybrid IT

As your business grows, new and old IT systems are constantly forced to evolve and thus the complexity of your IT landscape increases exponentially. Your business services depend on legacy systems, cloud and microservices. How do you know the impact of IT issues on your performance across domains in this complex hybrid IT landscape?


Real-time Omni-channel Experience

Customers expect real-time access to a 360° omni-channel digital experience. E.g. access to billing, personal accounts and real time insights into their data usages. Avoiding downtime is crucial. How do you root cause issues instantly and predict them – before customers complain and your Net Promoter Score is impacted?


Disruptive Competition

The smartphone revolution has led to an explosion in data demand. With fast developing technologies as Whatsapp and Zoom – you need to move beyond your IT legacy to be the winner in telecom. How do you gain the agility to respond to the quickly shifting technology cycles, competitor actions and customer needs?


Introducing StackState AIOps

All your data Combined – Solve and Predict Issues up to 80% Faster

Maximize your current IT investments with StackState. StackState shows all your business services from the app to their underlying infrastructure – using your existing tools and technologies. Reduce MTTR with root cause analysis and see the impact of issues on your business services across domains in real time. Use the collected data to predict incidents and avoid high severity outages. Gain long-term efficiency and greater agility with StackState – world’s leading monitoring and AIOps platform for hybrid IT.

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Control your Hybrid IT in Real time

Topology visualization

StackState merges all your existing topology data from tools like Kubernetes, CMDBs, Puppet, Jenkins and architecture diagrams into a real-time unified view. Components and their dependencies are automatically discovered, mapped and monitored. StackState shows all your business services from the app to their underlying infrastructure. You are in full control of your complex IT environment in real-time.

Automate Root Cause Analysis

Prioritize IT issues by business impact

Get the insights to enhance the customer omnichannel experience — in real time. StackState automatically relates IT issues to business impact. Focus on the issues that hurt your business first. With StackState’s time travel, you can immediately pinpoint the root cause of issues across your hybrid IT. The result? Reduce your MTTD and MTTR up to 80% and keep your customers happy.

Proactively identify issues

A great omni-channel experience is enabled by a smooth running IT operation. StackState’s automated anomaly detection helps to increase your agility by proactively identify possible threats. This allows you to scale up your business efficiently, without damaging your customers digital experience.

Be the Disruptive Competition

Use AI to stay ahead

StackState enables superior responsiveness to shifting market and end-user demand. StackState does this by using AI-based analysis. The rate of your innovation accelerates, whilst the cycles of technology shortness. Detect patterns that go beyond those that are immediately obvious to human interpretation. Being disruptive means being competitive in Telecom.

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