Optimizing App Performance in the Cloud (In partnership with Network Computing)

WebinarOn Demand60 min.

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Today's hybrid cloud architectures render traditional application performance troubleshooting and monitoring methods obsolete. Compounding matters, the wide-scale use of microservices and containers, and the adoption of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) principles mean constant change making it increasingly harder to pinpoint issues. During this Network Computing webinar, we’ll discuss these issues and more.

Watch and you’ll learn:

  • How the move to cloud and modern deployment practices make it hard to monitor application performance.

  • How the use of hybrid architectures, microservices, and containers makes it hard to visualize dependencies that can contribute to performance degradation and problems.

  • Why observability solutions that make use of change-to-problem mapping and automation are gaining favor.


Andy Froehlich

Andy Froehlich

President and Lead Engineer at West Gate Networks

Allyson Barr

Allyson Barr

CMO at StackState

Mark Arts

Mark Arts

Senior Solutions Engineer

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