451 Research - Observability: The Time is Now!

In this webinar

A shift is underway in monitoring, driven largely by the adoption of new cloud-native technologies and the resulting demands created by these complex, dynamic environments. Organizations operating in this environment are drowning in data and struggling to extract intelligence from that data. They require a new approach to monitoring.

Traditional tools that track a standard set of metrics in preconfigured dashboards no longer suffice. While observability has emerged as conceptually important, many organizations are struggling to define it in practice. In this webinar we’ll discuss important approaches that enable teams to quickly resolve incidents before they hit the bottom line:

  • Unify siloed operations data

  • Ensure insight into change and topology awareness

  • Choose scalable tools


Profile photo - Nancy Gohring 451 Research

Nancy Gohring

Former Senior Analyst at 451 Research

Stephen Baker webinar photo

Stephen Baker

Former CEO at StackState

Profile photo - Joris de Winne

Joris de Winne

Solutions Engineer at StackState


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