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StackState is the world’s first Algorithmic IT Operations platform that analyzes large volumes of IT topology, telemetry and time from disparate sources and applies various forms of algorithmics to the data in real-time. StackState is able to capture your entire IT stack. In one data model.

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Error Free IT Environment


Get a synchronized and unique overview of your business and IT. Our solution collects all sorts of data, from business services and processes to all supporting infrastructure, with their metrics and their dependencies. This provides insight into the actual, real-time health of your entire stack.

Automated diagnostics of events and relations across business and IT allow for a thorough investigation and will save you valuable time. Focus on helping your customers instead of resolving incidents and outages.

Prevent problems instead of solving them. Spot unusual changes in your data with anomaly detection and prevent incidents in advance. Let’s create the zero downtime enterprise.

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You can seamlessly connect all the tools you use to StackState and avoid all that constant switching between them. StackState enables you to take action on all your data, no matter where it lives.

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Capture Your Entire IT Stack In One Data Model

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