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better observability

Easily troubleshoot and increase the reliability of today’s complex systems.

Better teamwork and better apps, thanks to better observability.

Say goodbye to the frustration of switching between tools 👋

Centrally collect and correlate all essential metrics, logs, changes, events and traces. Show everything to developers in the context of their related Kubernetes resources.

Comprehensive observability data, all in one place



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Instantly apply pre-configured Kubernetes troubleshooting best practices that help you spot issues immediately. Follow guided remediation with smart problem clustering, hints and visual assistance to resolve issues quickly.

Knowledge and guidance out of the box

Leave puzzles for family parties, enjoy the clarity 👀

Go beyond a simple service, network or infrastructure map. Use StackState to automatically discover and visualize all Kubernetes dependencies to help you keep track of changes. The dependency map includes every resource from clusters, namespaces and services to pods, containers and processes.

The most complete dependency map you can get

84% reduced MTTR

85% increased productivity

<5 minutes to resolve an issue

80% cost reduction

65% fewer outages