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The market-leading Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations platform that automatically discovers, models and monitors your environment at scale

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What is StackState?

Can you reduce the amount of time that’s being wasted on pinpointing where failures originate from? Easily determine which business services are impacted? With StackState, you can. We built an Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations platform (AIOps) that helps enterprises to lower their mean-time-to-repair and eliminate downtime across all layers of the IT landscape.

Why Organizations Choose StackState

Chain Insight

Auto-discovery of components and their dependencies to see the entire service

Data Consolidation

Merge topology, telemetry and time in one, real-time visualization

Root Cause Analysis

See the cause and impact of any change or failure over time

CI/CD Management

Automatically verify the success of deployments and its impact

Machine Learning

Proactively detect, investigate and respond to anomalies

Resource Optimization

Become aware of the occupancy of the IT environment to save costs

Unify Your Tools and Data In One Place

We have you covered from legacy systems to microservices. StackState automatically consolidates all data across your DevOps toolchain in one interface. A single pane of glass to save time, reduce IT costs and innovate faster.

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