Financial Services: How Observability Enables Great Customer Service

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IT systems in financial services companies can be complex, increasingly dynamic, and even fragile, all while customer experience and satisfaction depend on their proper functioning. How can you maintain customer satisfaction while managing these highly complex and ever-changing IT systems?

The answer: observability. Whereas traditional monitoring focuses on siloes of metrics, logs, and traces to detect issues in your IT landscape, observability tools break down silos of and contextualize data over time. They understand how different apps and tools in your IT environment relate to each other and how one small change can cause anomalies in other areas, which in turn can negatively affect customer service.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how StackState’s observability platform helps IT leaders in large financial corporations to:

  • connect the dots between business and application services across all IT tools and environments

  • quickly relate changes to incidents in real-time, at any point in time

  • automatically detect performance anomalies before they become a problem

All of this with one goal in mind: to ensure great customer service.


Abdennouri Laaroubi

Abdennouri Laaroubi

VP/Head of Information Technology Division at Garlock, Sealing Group

Profile picture Allyson Webinar

Allyson Barr

CMO at StackState


Mark Arts

Senior Solutions Engineer


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