On-Demand SKILup Hour: Observability, AIOps and AIPA

As teams continue to adopt the cloud, distributed computing and DevOps practices that optimize organizational performance, they encounter new problems emerging from the new ways of working. Unknown unknowns and vast amounts of data from a multitude of monitoring tools can compromise availability in the world of accelerated delivery.

Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn more about how combining observability and AIOps reduces MTTD, MTTR and unplanned work so teams can invest in paying down technical debt, automating toil and building antifragility.

You will learn:

  • Why distributed systems are different and how to transition from traditional incident management processes to cope with black swans and cognitive load limits

  • Why AIOps isn’t just about incident management and how to use it to also optimize customer experience through predictive analytics

  • How to design a system for observability and how to build an observability culture


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