TechStrong Panel: 'How-To' SRE: Bridging the Gap Between Developers and Operations

What are successful companies doing to (1) identify areas for improvement and (2) provide people with the autonomy to implement solutions? They're bridging the gap between developers and operations.

How to do that? That's what was discussed during this webinar. Kevin Keaney, Solution Architect at Everbridge, Pradeep Padala, CEO at Fylamynt, Justin McCarthy, CTO and co-founder at strongDM and our own Anthony Evans, Solutions Architect and former SRE will show you how you can bridge the gap by focusing on five key domains:

  • Human Aspects

  • Process and Frameworks

  • Functional Composition

  • Intelligent Automation

  • Technology Ecosystem

Breaking down these five domains into practical knowledge is the basis for this webinar as our all-star panel of experts will provide discreet buildable "how-to" knowledge on SRE crossing people, process and technology stacks.

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