The Secret to Reducing Incident Durations in Dynamic IT Environments

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Today’s modern IT environments are more dynamic than ever. However, when an incident occurs, it is difficult – if not impossible – to know with confidence the state of relationships and configuration before, during, and after the problem. This leads to hours of unnecessary downtime, dozens of resources pulled away from their primary tasks, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost to the organization. There has to be a better way.

Now there is.

Join Bernd Harzog of APM Experts and Stephen Baker, CEO of StackState, where they’ll share the secret to how you can dramatically reduce incident duration in dynamic IT environments. We’ll give you a hint: It involves Relationship-Based Observability.


Bernd Harzog profile photo

Bernd Harzog

CEO at APM Experts

Stephen Baker webinar photo

Stephen Baker

Former CEO at StackState

Hugo de Vries round photo

Hugo de Vries

Solutions Engineer at StackState


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