Getting Started With Observability

Monitoring has traditionally been a way for IT operations to gain insight into the availability and performance of its systems. However, today IT organizations require more than just monitoring. They need a deeper and more precise understanding of what is happening across their IT environment. This is challenging, as infrastructure and applications span multiple environments and are more dynamic, distributed and have to support more ongoing change than ever before. Traditional monitoring tools often run as siloed solutions to support specific needs for different teams. This limits IT operation’s ability to detect, diagnose and quickly address incidents that occur across the entire environment. Enter observability. This webinar will cover how to get started with observability. It will include steps such as:

- Instrumenting your application for observability

- Ensuring data coming out of various tools and systems is uniform and clean

- Setting realistic goals for how to measure success

- Defining KPIs to measure against your specific goals, for example: uptime, quality, team productivity, velocity, agility and operational performance

- Breaking down the silos and ensuring you have a unified view across your entire IT environment

- Managing an environment to provides maximum uptime, proactive prevention of incidents and reduced MTTR

- Discuss AIOps-based approaches


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