Webinar on demand: Observability Maturity Model

Monitoring has been used for decades by IT teams to gain insight into the availability and performance of systems. However, today teams require a deeper understanding of what is happening across their IT environments. Modern infrastructure and applications can span multiple domains, are more dynamic, distributed and must support ongoing change. In this atmosphere, it is more difficult than ever to consistently maintain SLOs. Further, many enterprises are using more than 10 monitoring tools running as siloed solutions. The result? IT is unable to proactively detect and quickly diagnose and address issues, especially when they cross boundaries.

Based on research and conversations with enterprises from various industries, StackState created the Observability Maturity Model. This model defines the four stages of observability maturity. The ultimate destination is level four, Proactive Observability with AIOps. Please join Nationale-Nederlanden Bank, Copado, RippleX, Techstrong Research and StackState on Tuesday, 12 July for a lively discussion on:

  • The four stages of observability maturity

  • What level your organization is currently at

  • The steps you need to take to move up in your observability maturity and the value to your organization in doing so


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