Webinar on-demand: Scaling IT Infrastructure With AWS/EKS and Observability

FieldPulse’s mission is to build, deliver and support the best platform for service contractors to run their business operations more efficiently. That means no downtime.

Adopted by thousands, the success of their SaaS-based platform caused growing pains and a need to quickly scale their IT infrastructure.

To support such rapid growth and ensure the scalability, reliability and visibility required, FieldPulse chose the powerful combination of AWS and StackState. This gave them a solid IT foundation and in-depth insights into the state of their entire stack.

This webinar features tech leads from all three organizations revealing how FieldPulse:

  • Built a robust cloud native infrastructure on AWS/EKS

  • Gained deep insights into their IT stack by implementing observability

  • Increased response times by 50% and achieved virtually 100% uptime

  • Reduced resource utilization and lowered costs by up to 75%


  • Michael Skibo, VP of Engineering, FieldPulse

  • Kirill Pokidov, Chief Architect, FieldPulse

  • George Knoll, Amazon Partner Organization, Observability Category Lead

  • Andreas Prins, VP of Product, StackState


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