Overcoming 5 Kubernetes Obstacles with StackState

Platform engineering is a hot topic these days — a methodology that aims to reduce complexity and accelerate the software development life cycle by creating a stable and scalable platform that developers can build upon.

If you drive platform engineering operations — or if you are a developer or engineer looking for ways to make your Kubernetes troubleshooting experience a whole lot easier, this ebook is a must read.

In it, we explore the top 5 top Kubenetes challenges IT pros face, and what you can do to:

  • Improve your platform to engage your developers and fellow engineers.

  • Eliminate the bottlenecks and blind spots your developers face when trying to resolve issues

  • Empower developers — and everyone on your team — to confidently and swiftly address issues within minutes

Of course, we’ll dig into how StackState's full stack observability and troubleshooting solution can alleviate developer headaches while providing the entire program engineering team a smoother path forward.

Mastering Kubernetes: 5 Key Challenges Solved with StackState


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