Webinar: Cloud Observability in Minutes

Configuration changes can have a massive snowball effect on all components within your environment. The problem is: trying to find out what exact change specifically caused an issue is super stressful - especially if it's in an environment that's as dynamic as the cloud.

Ideally, you would need a cloud observability tool that maps changes to problems in your environment in real-time and over time, so that you can start fixing the actual root cause of an issue. Immediately.

Watch On-demand Webinar to find out:

  • How current observability tools are concentrating on symptoms rather than actual root causes of problems

  • How to get quick but very deep insight into your AWS and Kubernetes cloud environment

  • How automatic change-to-problem mapping — in real-time and over time — helps you to find and fix problems fast

  • How you can set up Cloud Observability in minutes


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