Cloud Observability

Improve the performance and reliability of your business-critical applications powered by cloud native containers and microservices

Observability for dynamic applications running in dynamic cloud native environments

The move to the cloud creates massive opportunities to deliver great applications and experiences to customers and employees, but it also comes with a new set of complexities. These new cloud environments, powered by containers and microservices, are dynamic and ever-changing. The old ways of monitoring don’t apply anymore. More than ever, you need a cloud observability solution that ensures the reliability and performance of your business-critical cloud applications.

Only StackState can keep up with code updates, automated actions by Kubernetes, configuration changes and relate them to problems when they occur.

End to End Cloud Visibility

StackState’s unified time-traveling topology visualizer maps service and application dependencies to supporting cloud and container infrastructure across all environments over time. It includes the full infrastructure, all cloud components and services including low-level components, like security groups, and higher-level services, like elastic load balancers and Lambdas.

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Automatic Performance and Reliability Metrics

Our cloud observability capabilities automatically capture the four golden signals (latency, calls per second, error rate and contention) for each service or application. This gives you an accurate picture of the health of each service without the need to deploy an expensive APM solution.

Proactive Problem Prevention

Traditionally, instrumenting AI anomaly detection is resource-intensive and prone to failure. StackState’s zero-configuration anomaly detection removes the overhead. We automatically detect performance anomalies and pinpoint their location within your stack before they become issues. No set up or data science expertise required.

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One Click Root Cause Analysis

With its complete view of the application and infrastructure architecture, StackState automatically tracks any low-level changes and immediately shows the business impact analysis of that change at any point in time. Alerts include the probable root cause of the issue and, in one click, bring you right to the underlying issue. This means problems can be quickly identified and remedied ASAP.

Easy Installation, Immediate Value

Getting up and running with StackState cloud observability is fast and easy – with two commands, the extremely low-overhead, eBPF-based agent is installed on all Kubernetes nodes. The out-of-the-box integration with AWS + Kubernetes APIs automatically relates all topology, telemetry and events within the environment.

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Affordable to Deploy at Scale

Our cloud observability pricing and packaging makes it easy and affordable to deploy at scale. Simple per server and per service pricing makes the cost of running StackState easy to predict, manage and affordable to procure at scale.