Observability for Cloud Native Environments - Launch Overview

We just launched our observability tool for cloud-native applications and environments! This new platform helps SREs, running applications on Amazon AWS and Kubernetes prevent and resolve issues much quicker.

We know this is something many SRE and DevOps teams have been waiting for. Cloud environments that host business-critical applications are continuously changing. Because of this, when performance and reliability issues arise, it can be incredibly difficult to locate where the problem started or prevent it in the first place.

Therefore, you are very welcome to join this demo during which we'll show you exactly how the platform helps you to better ensure the performance and reliability of your applications.

What you'll learn:

  • How the new platform delivers a full, comprehensive view of your cloud environment at any moment in time. (This is not just a service map, think much bigger!)

  • How you can locate the root cause of a problem within one click - leveraging the changes-to-problem map that enables you to go back to any point in time.

  • How our AI-powered anomaly detection detects performance anomalies and pinpoints their location so that you can prevent issues instead of solving them.

Your hosts:

Mark Bakker webinar photo

Mark Bakker

Product Owner & Co-Founder

Profile picture Allyson Webinar

Allyson Barr

CMO at StackState

Anthony Evans

Anthony Evans

US Solutions Engineer


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