AWS Observability for Fast-Changing Environments

Improve the performance and reliability of your business-critical applications with Topology-Powered Observability

A New Dimension of AWS Observability

  • Visualize large environments – See a unified topology of your AWS resources - from Lambda functions to API gateways and VPC groups - in real time and over time.  

  • Deep-dive into observability data – Correlate your topology with telemetry and trace data at every moment in time to get deeper insights. 

  • Keep up with change – Whether applied through AWS CloudFormation or some other means, changes are automatically analyzed to determine the root cause of problems. 

  • Quickly find serverless performance bottlenecks – Trace the performance of your serverless apps using OpenTelemetry

  • Combine AWS visibility with Kubernetes insights – Correlate topology of Kubernetes clusters and other technologies with AWS topology. See it all in one contextual view. 

  • Get out-of-the-box value in minutes – Get out-of-the-box monitoring, anomaly detection and insights from topology in minutes, upon installation.


A Contextual View for Root Cause Analysis

I’m running business-critical services in several AWS accounts spread over multiple zones. I have large amounts of logs, metrics and traces in several different tools. When performance suffers or something breaks, my dashboards are hit-or-miss and do not give me the right context of what’s happening. I’m frantically writing complex queries to determine the root cause. I need a way to connect and correlate all these distinct datapoints to show me the root cause of problems quickly.

StackState’s unique 4T data model unites Topology, Telemetry, Traces and Time to track data across multiple sources and visually show the combined topology of what’s going on – in real-time and over time.

The StackState Advantage: Merge AWS Topology With Kubernetes and More

StackState delivers plug-and-play support for cloud native architectures. With StackState running as a SaaS on AWS, you quickly get the advanced observability and troubleshooting data you need for AWS services and other technologies, such as Kubernetes, Splunk, Elastic and more. In less than five minutes, StackState creates a topology map of your complete environment using existing log and event data. You can instantly understand the interdependencies of your AWS resources and what’s running on your managed Kubernetes cluster (EKS) and EC2 instances at any point in time.

When problems occur, StackState uses this correlated topology to show you the impact of the issue and take you straight to the root cause.


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Comprehensive AWS Integration

StackState supports a wide range of AWS services
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As the most ubiquitous and powerful cloud provider, we knew AWS could provide the stability and breadth of services we need to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. StackState is committed to delivering quality observability solutions that run on AWS and to providing the most advanced observability service for AWS. We are the only observability platform that provides the topology-powered observability functionality necessary to keep everything running smoothly in the face of constant change.

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