Determine Business Impact

Understand the effect of change and assign accountability

How will this change impact my business? What dependent components and associated services are affected by a specific incident? What is the business priority to fix an issue and who needs to be involved?

Topology-Powered Observability shows you how every change in your environment relates to your business… and enables you to determine the full impact of change.

Know how your business will be affected by change and take appropriate actions.

Automatically monitor your end-to-end stack, analyze streams for failures and anomalies and propagate health state to dependent services.

  • StackState calculates health checks based on telemetry and log streams defined for a component and assigns that component a health state.

  • Enhance this monitoring capability using the AIOps-based Autonomous Anomaly Detector (AAD) to look for deviating patterns.

  • A propagated health state for each component is derived from the health state of the components it depends upon. Propagated health state conveys how a Warning, Deviating or Critical health state in one area can flow across the stack to affect other areas of the business.

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Visualize how changes in one component affect all related components that make up a business service.

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  • If a service is starting to fail or has failed, you can use StackState’s topology visualizer to inspect the dependency chain and see other business services that are (or will soon be) be affected.

  • Use this fully contextualized data to accelerate forensic analysis, both reactively and proactively.

Notify stakeholders when a business area is at risk and provide the intelligence needed to prioritize remediation actions.

  • StackState identifies and informs the teams that are affected – or will be affected in the near future. Avoid war room chaos, accurately assign accountability, and keep services running smoothly.

  • Use insights on business impact to effectively prioritize remediation activities. Is this issue affecting customers directly? Is it worth waking people up or can it wait until morning?

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How StackState’s Business Impact Insights Help You

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Improve overall IT reliability and plan updates with confidence. Make informed decisions based on known effect of change.

Only push out changes when the underlying infrastructure is solid. See which business services will be affected by a potential change. And if something does go wrong, know you can find and fix it fast.

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Optimize customer experience

Know when a business service is likely to fail and act proactively to prevent the problem.