Our founders were once asked to solve a complex engineering puzzle. And they did.

With simply better observability


StackState unites business and IT teams with an integrated view of an organization’s systems, applications, and infrastructure. 

Industry leaders like Accenture, Danske Bank, KPN, and Vodafone rely on our easy-to-use observability platform for the real-time guidance needed to optimize performance, quickly address issues, and ensure the reliability of business-critical services.

Our mission is to empower teams with full stack observability to help them achieve goals faster, captivate customers, and make organizations more resilient.



Our Story

Not long ago, our founders were tapped for a high-stakes consulting project at one of Europe's largest banks. A highly visible and very critical customer-facing app was failing repeatedly, and the bank's IT team couldn't figure out why.  

Soon after starting the project, our founders had a breakthrough. If only they could track all resource dependencies and relationships associated with the issues, remediation would be quick and easy.

There was just one problem. Tracking a complex, full-stack topology — over time and with millisecond precision — was beyond the capabilities of existing technology.

So they built it.

We’re Growing

Today, StackState continues to redefine the limits of simply better observability, transforming full-stack data into actionable insights. 

In doing so, we're helping SREs, platform leads, and software development engineers empower their teams by facilitating easy navigation, understanding, and control of today's intricate systems.

Want to help us provide the best experience for StackState users? We are always looking for bright, dynamic, and enthusiastic talent — individuals who are passionate about tech innovations and dedicated to ensuring customers are consistently satisfied.


Leadership Team

Andreas bluecircle

Andreas Prins


Michel bluecircle

Michel den Braver


Mark Bakker Profile Pic

Mark Bakker

Product Owner & Co-Founder

Jeroen bluecircle

Jeroen Storm

Head of Sales

Genevieve bluecircle

Genevieve Cross

Head of Marketing

Keesv bluecircle

Kees van Bekkum

Head of Customer Success

Louis bluecircle

Louis Lotter

Director of Engineering

Wendy van Veenendaal

Wendy van Veenendaal

Director of Finance

Board of Directors

Dan bluecircle

Daan Teunissen

Chairman of the Board

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Alex Pinchev

Board Member

Profile photo Wim Heijting

Wim Heijting

Board Member

Toffer Winslow

Toffer Winslow

Board Member

Why StackState?

Customers report that it takes under 5 minutes to resolve most issues.  Here's what that could mean to your business.

Boost productivity by 85%

Improved observability leads to better troubleshooting

Reduce MTTR by 84%

Expert guidance shortens the time it takes to fix an issue

Experience 65% fewer outages

Quicker remediation keeps apps running smoothly

Cut operational costs by 80%

Enhanced systems and staff efficiency saves you money