Solve issues confidently with Remediation Guides

Expert-crafted guided remediation speeds up troubleshooting.

Accelerate MTTR with precise, proof-tested, guided remediation

StackState's Remediation Guides are powerful tools designed to expedite the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) by providing tailored step-by-step playbooks for fast issue resolution.
Remediation Guides to Expedite Issue Resolution

  • Built-in guides are part of a unified-view monitoring solution

  • Proof-testing by experts helps pinpoint the root cause of issues quickly

  • Resolve problems before they escalate with dozens of step-by-step playbooks

  • Customize and extend solutions to address issues unique to your environment

  • Maintain reliable services with proven strategies for high-quality outcomes

  • User-friendly guidance for SREs, platform engineers and DevOps teams at all proficiency levels

Step-by-Step Playbooks for Prompt Incident Response and Remediation

Empower self-sufficient issue resolution

Avoid bottlenecks by making knowledge accessible to all.

How great would it be not to have to bother SREs and Platform experts for help with issues you wish you could handle independently? StackState Remediation Guides capture and share knowledge, putting the expertise directly in the hands of those troubleshooting the issue and reducing dependency on just a few experts. 

By breaking down complex problems into manageable steps, our guides enable users to navigate through the troubleshooting process with ease. Each step is carefully outlined, ensuring that everyone can follow, regardless of their technical expertise. Users not only resolve immediate concerns but also gain a deeper understanding of the systems they are working with so they can proactively mitigate future issues.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual event correlation. 

StackState's advanced data correlation engine automatically identifies and links all related issues and — by connecting the dots between different components — provides a holistic view of the problem. Monitors then look for signals to reach certain dynamic thresholds, and when an unhealthy pattern emerges, immediately trigger pre-configured step-by-step guides to remediate the most common issues.

Our automatic approach to correlation not only saves time but also enhances accuracy, making sure that every relevant aspect is considered in the troubleshooting process. In essence, we do the heavy lifting of issue correlation for you and present the best path forward to rectify the issue. This allows you to focus on solving the problem without wasting time navigating through multiple tools.

Pre-packaged Remediation Guides for Rapid Resolution

Pin Guides for Easy-to-Follow Incident Response

Easily understand the impact and cause

Efficient problem-solving for all levels of technical expertise.

Once an issue is found, StackState provides straightforward explanations of the issue's significance and offers step-by-step guidance to detect the root cause. Code snippets are included as remediation suggestions and can be tailored to address common programming errors or bugs in your software, ensuring a comprehensive approach to problem-solving.

Additionally, these guides, also called playbooks or runbooks, are designed to ensure that even those with minimal technical expertise can navigate through the incident response process effortlessly. The structured format of our guides allows for a systematic and efficient response to issues so users can address vulnerabilities quickly and confidently.

Customizable with no code required

Tailor Remediation Guides to your specific needs and environment. 

StackState empowers everyone on your team to extend our Remediation Guides with organization-specific knowledge. Whether you want to incorporate unique configurations, specific troubleshooting steps, or insights into your system's nuances, our intuitive interface allows for easy customization — and requires no coding. We’ve found that this feature fosters collaboration and accelerates the learning curve for new team members. 

In addition to easy customization, we’ve recently introduced “pinning,” a powerful feature that allows you to ensure that important guides are always visible. Pinning helps those doing the troubleshooting maintain focus without losing sight of critical information. Our combination of customization and pinning ensures a tailored and user-friendly experience for quick and easy issue resolution.

Extend Remediation Guides with Code Snipets

StackState Observability Experts

Faster issue resolution with automated guidance

StackState’s Remediation Guides accelerate troubleshooting for quick and confident issue resolution on the first attempt — by anyone, regardless of skill level. Crafted by experts, our step-by-step playbooks can be easily modified to address your specific situation. This, coupled with category-leading full-stack observability, empowers teams to scale services, enhance app performance, and improve reliability for your customers.

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