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Techstrong TV: Toffer Winslow Talks Observability

 · Heidi Gilmore16 min watch

Toffer Winslow on how observability helps companies deal with constant change and the growing breadth and complexity of applications in their IT environments.

The AIOps Journey by NN Bank: Driving Business Performance With Observability in Financial Services

Video: NN Bank's Journey to AIOps

 · Sander Vijfschagt6 min watch

Find out how the StackState Observability and AIOps platform helped NN Bank gain more actionable insights, improved root cause analysis, and shortened MTTR.

How to Use OpenTelemetry to Troubleshoot a Serverless Environment with StackState

How to Use OpenTelemetry to Troubleshoot a Serverless Environment

 · Melcom van Eeden14 min watch

Melcom van Eeden explains how you can use StackState to leverage the power of OpenTelemetry for better, more efficient troubleshooting in a serverless environment.


How APA-Tech Uses Observability to Make Sense of Tons of Monitoring Data With Georg Höllebauer

 · Georg Höllebauer3 min watch

Georg Höllebauer of APA-Tech explains how his team uses StackState topology-powered observability to make sense of all the monitoring data they were collecting.

accenture youtube card image

Accenture Achieves 85% Reduction in Problem Resolution Time with StackState

 · Luke Higgins3 min watch

Luke Higgins of Accenture explains why they utilize StackState to create a foundation for automated ticket resolution and correlating the 4Ts of observability.

Mark's Gartner demo screenshot

How to Save 85% in Time Spent on Root Cause Analysis with Topology-Based Observability

 · Mark Arts12 min watch

Learn how you can use topology-powered observability to spend 85% less time on root cause analysis, and detect and fix problems before they become issues.


How Accenture Powers Automation and Observability with StackState (Gartner Conference Presentation)

 · Luke Higgins20 min watch

Accenture presents how they applied the StackState 4T Observability data model to achieve up to 70% reduction in tickets and up to 85% reduction in resolution time.

Dennis Loos CTAC

How Managed Service Provider CTAC Onboards Customers at Lightning Speed

 · Dennis Loos3 min watch

Dennis Loos of CTAC explains how they use StackState to bring their siloed monitoring systems together for a better overview and fast onboarding of customers.


Ramfis Adrichem Explains Why Visualization Is Crucial for Effective Monitoring and Observability

 · Ramfis Adrichem3 min watch

Ramfis Adrichem explains why topology-powered observability helps him to visualize complex relationships in his IT environment and solve problems quickly.

video resource sts + elastic

Identifying Service Infrastructure Problems in an Eye Blink with StackState and Elastic

 · Anthony Evans45 min watch

Learn how to identify service infrastructure problems quickly with StackState time-traveling topology and Elastic data as if it were all part of the same platform.

video resource dynamic observability demo

Dynamic Observability for Cloud Native Applications and Environments Demo

 · Lodewijk Bogaards6 min watch

See a demo of how StackState's observability tool for dynamic hybrid and cloud native environments descreases MTTR, issues, and costs while improving efficiences.

How to get started with StackState

How to Get Started with Stackstate's Observability Platform

 · Anthony Evans8 min watch

See how easy it is to get started with StackState's Cloud Observability Platform and get an introduction to the StackState user interface.