Unleashing the power of RKE2 by boosting application reliability with StackState

Increase application reliability in the cloud with StackState and SUSE

If you’re using RKE2 clusters for Kubernetes deployments, you know the challenge of ensuring high app availability, performance, and security. StackState’s full-stack observability solution eliminates those hurdles by completely transforming how businesses monitor, manage, and optimize RKE2 environments.

With the StackState + SUSE integration, organizations can easily navigate K8s complexities, ensuring their applications are not only operational but also aligned with business objectives.

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Centralized View of Your RKE2 Environment

Accelerate team performance and collaboration

StackState's observability platform empowers you with precise application monitoring, catching issues early to preempt system downtime and prevent reoccurrence. Our proactive approach minimizes disruptions and maximizes user satisfaction, cultivating a more reliable and resilient application environment. By streamlining troubleshooting, StackState helps you reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) to improve even the most efficient operations. 

StackState promotes collaboration through automated issue detection and an always-on, integrated knowledge base. Equipped with expert-tested playbooks, this all-in-one solution offers guided remediation for all skill levels, facilitates seamless issue resolution and improves both application performance and team communication.

Easily surmount your technical challenges

StackState seamlessly integrates with SUSE Kubernetes distributions, including RKE, RKE2 and K3s. Cutting-edge monitoring and management capabilities help optimize application efficiency and performance, regardless of the Kubernetes setup chosen. Additionally, our approach complements RKE2's security focus by providing real-time insights into app reliability and health. There’s no easier way to ensure peak performance while meeting compliance standards and mitigating risks.

A comprehensive observability solution: Through our automated dependency maps, StackState provides clear visibility into current — and historical — resource relationships within K8s clusters. This allows for quick issue identification and resolution as well as proactive prevention of future occurrences. It’s a holistic approach that guarantees smoother operations and enhanced performance throughout the Kubernetes environment.

Quickly Navigate Dependencies With One Click

Visibility of Current and Historical Resource Relationships within K8s Clusters

Modern cloud native observability in any environment: air-gapped, self-hosted, or SaaS with StackState

SUSE customers can now explore StackState's comprehensive observability solutions across various deployment models. Whether you prefer Software as a Service (SaaS), a self-hosted environment, or need an air-gapped solution for heightened security, StackState ensures you have access to the full spectrum of its cloud-native observability features. This flexibility means that regardless of your deployment choice, you can leverage StackState's capabilities to the fullest, ensuring modern, efficient, and secure monitoring and management of your applications, without compromising on functionality or performance.

Quickstart your observability with StackState in Rancher's Marketplace

The StackState listing in the Rancher App Marketplace offers an easy approach for deploying StackState's full stack observability platform. With the marketplace integration, users can install StackState on their Kubernetes clusters directly from the marketplace, integrating modern cloud native observability into their infrastructure quickly and efficiently. This approach not only simplifies the deployment process but also aligns with SUSE standards, ensuring a seamless and standard-compliant installation. Through this collaboration, StackState and SUSE deliver a robust observability solution that is both accessible and reliable.

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Increase Application Reliability in the Cloud

Developers and engineers using the SUSE platform can now benefit from enhanced visibility and simplified troubleshooting on their K8s applications, whether deployed in traditional data centers, air-gapped environments, or on the edge. 

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