Full Stack Observability Platform

Ensure reliability of your complex IT environment and distributed systems.

Unravel your enterprise data — and your full stack

Give your teams the fastest path to issue identification and remediation through a single observability platform.
Contextual Enterprise Full Stack Observability Platform

  • Provide a contextual and holistic view of your tech stack for complete infrastructure clarity

  • Centralize information for developers, platform engineers, and business leaders through a unified interface

  • Reduce alert fatigue by correlating changes, detecting anomalies, and acting proactively

  • Empower SREs with guided remediation for developer-driven service excellence

  • Simplify troubleshooting by eliminating multiple tools, allowing teams to focus on minimizing service impact

Dependency Maps Provide Holistic View of Complex Relationships

Dependency maps

A game-changing view that accelerates issue spotting and resolution.

With the StackState auto-discovery feature, apps, microservices, and resources are dynamically identified, and their dependencies are visualized. This dependency map gives you a holistic view of the complex relationships in your entire environment. StackState also tracks resource changes and monitors service performance — even for those you don't directly manage.

Remediation guides

Fast-track issue resolution with curated, proven problem-solving.

To expedite issue resolution, StackState offers guided remediation support, leveraging advanced algorithms to provide troubleshooting tips and visual assistance. StackState remediation guides can be extended or modified to make them even more specific to your environment and are an excellent way for SREs to support development teams and maintain high-quality services.

Remediation Guides to Expedite Issue Resolution

Dynamic Dashboard Provide Unified Full Stack View

28 interconnected  out-of-the-box dashboards

Critical data converges on a single screen to instantly deliver deeper insights.

Built-in dynamic dashboards aggregate and correlate all pertinent metrics, logs, traces and events, offering a unified view of your environment. When troubleshooting, all critical data for a resource is consolidated on a single screen, eliminating the need for context switching between multiple tools so your teams can focus on more critical tasks.

Notifications and alerts

Prompt action by sending the right message in the right channel to the right person.

StackState keeps your staff informed about critical issues by integrating notification and alerts with the channels they use daily, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty and OpsGenie. This reduces unnecessary noise while facilitating rapid response and collaboration, enhancing your organization's capacity to effectively address and resolve incidents.

Integrated Notifications and Alerts to Facilitate Rapid Response

Pre-configured Monitors to Proactively Identify Issues

Applied best practices

Observability experts provide advice on taming complex cloud-native apps and microservices.

By coupling best practices with pre-configured out-of-the-box monitors and our unique troubleshooting intelligence, the StackState observability platform can proactively spot related issues and offer guidance on rectifying them before they escalate. This approach minimizes the risk of undetected problems and supports maintaining a healthy IT environment.

Change tracking and topology intelligence

Proactively monitor real-time and historical changes for smoother operations.

By monitoring, correlating, and analyzing topology changes and metrics — aka topology intelligence — we drive issue identification, lay the foundation for dependency maps, and power our dynamic dashboards. This automated process enhances real-time understanding across your entire environment.

Event Correlation Across Your Full IT Stack

Event Correlation Across Your Full IT Stack

Unparalleled event correlation

Making the switch from brainpower to compute power.

StackState goes beyond traditional correlation tools with innovations like an Event Timeline that bridges data points for a more focused troubleshooting experience. Also, our Change Insight feature monitors resource progression, detects configuration drifts, and lets users mark critical moments, eliminating the need to juggle multiple data points.

Time travel

Keep pace with emerging issues by revisiting your IT stack at any moment in the past. 

StackState retains resource changes and topology, so you can 'scroll back' to compare the state of your stack before and after events. Time travel insights are great for revealing issue evolution and changes in resource relationships, understanding root causes, refining processes, and preventing future incidents and blameless postmortems.

Identify root causes by tracking topology over time

Central Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces

Powerful data collection

Scattered data is aggregated and analyzed to generate actionable insights.

To fully understand your tech stack environment, it's essential to observe a variety of data types. StackState's approach of collecting and storing data in a central scalable Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces (MELT) store ensures precise diagnosis and remediation of issues, minimizes toil, and fosters a more stable environment.

Based on open standards

Our tech-agnostic approach lets you maximize your open-source investments while getting the highest quality, end-to-end observability and troubleshooting solution.

To enhance observability, StackState supports open standards like eBPF, OpenTelemetry, and OpenMetrics for seamless data collection — and you can add Grafana dashboards on top of StackState to showcase essential business metrics. Data is collected through proprietary channels, cloud provider integration, or OpenMetrics and is stored in the scalable MELT store.

Open Standards Support Like eBPF and OTEL

StackState Observability Experts

Transform operational workflows with guided troubleshooting

StackState offers a systematic approach to identifying and resolving issues efficiently. This strategic method of guided troubleshooting enhances your problem-solving capabilities and streamlines your processes, leading to unified teams, improved productivity, and more resilient business applications. 

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Why StackState?

Customers report that it takes under 5 minutes to resolve most issues. Here's what that could mean to your business.

Boost productivity by 85%

Improved observability leads to better troubleshooting

Reduce MTTR by 84%

Expert guidance shortens the time it takes to fix an issue

Experience 65% fewer outages

Quicker remediation keeps apps running smoothly

Cut operational costs by 80%

Enhanced systems and staff efficiency saves you money