360° observability unites apps and teams behind common business goals

Get real-time system insights, enhance troubleshooting, optimize app performance, and empower teams at all levels to unite and make well-informed business decisions.
360° Observability of Systems and Apps

  • Align IT operations with business objectives

  • Accelerate response to critical incidents and reduce MTTR

  • Uncomplicate your entire IT landscape by putting data in context

  • Break down departmental and team silos for better collaboration

End-to-End Chain Visualization

Tech-agnostic end-to-end observability

Bring order to the chaos of your enterprise observability data.

By pulling from any data lake and monitoring tool, StackState observability platform creates an easy-to-grasp visual narrative of your complex IT landscape. Simultaneously, we help dismantle tech silos to help organizational knowledge flow.

Without the distraction of bouncing between tools, teams work with a common language and perspective that promotes collaboration across functions.

This informs decision-making with cross-domain insights, infuses broad-stroke business goals into operational tasks, and expedites the identification and resolution of disruptive issues.

StackState easily integrates with the tools you already have in place:


Improve application management

A command center to align technical metrics with business impact.

By centralizing and correlating critical data into a comprehensive view of application health, end-to-end observability helps both business and development teams quickly assess the context of an issue and take decisive action.

Consider it an out-of-the-box command center designed to maintain high app availability and performance - a convenient single-screen view for observing the overall health of your business applications.

StackState enables teammates of all skill levels to drill down from high-level overviews to more granular operational data and make better-informed decisions through shared insights.

Out-of-the-Box End-to-End Observability

360 Degree Observability in a Single Unified View

Make war-room meetings a thing of the past

Get everyone on the same page with real-time, full-stack observability.

Not only does StackState help teams resolve issues and proactively prevent future ones, with precies root cause identification, impact analysis, and guided remediation, you'll be able to determine the business implications in minutes and have a single picture to drive better decision-making.

When troubleshooting, you'll know exactly who to involve in the process - allowing the rest of the company to carry on with business as usual.

And by including issue replays in your post-mortem analysis, similar events can be avoided. Later, apply insights to incident management tickets in ITSM systems, like ServiceNow, to reduce alert noise and clear the way for a more streamlined, focused response.

Find and fix issues fast with a unified view of your entire IT stack

StackState brings organizations together by offering a unified view of systems, apps and infrastructure. Trusted by companies such as Accenture, Danske Bank, KPN and Vodafone, our user-friendly, full stack observability solutions provides real-time guidance for optimizing performance, resolving issues promptly, and ensuring reliability.

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StackState Observability Experts

Why StackState?

Customers report that it takes under 5 minutes to resolve most issues.  Here's what that could mean to your business.

Boost productivity by 85%

Improved observability leads to better troubleshooting

Reduce MTTR by 84%

Expert guidance shortens the time it takes to fix an issue

Experience 65% fewer outages

Quicker remediation keeps apps running smoothly

Cut operational costs by 80%

Enhanced systems and staff efficiency saves you money