Simply better application performance monitoring

No code changes are required to detect anomalies, pinpoint root causes, or optimize app performance across your full stack.
  • Enhance visibility into your apps from service to cloud providers and anything in between

  • Correlate any change in production to quickly understand its impact to prevent issues becoming a problem

  • Quickly identify and remediate issues with guided troubleshooting

Get 100% visibility of your entire application stack

Using powerful eBPF instrumentation with our 100% OpenTelemetry compatibility, we seamlessly conducts low-overhead, high-performance data collection and analysis across your entire system — in just minutes.
Powerful eBPF Instrumentation

  • Install in seconds and enjoy complete coverage of application metrics and traces

  • No need for coding or configuration change in your applications

  • Enhance monitoring by automatically covering your full stack

  • Correlate new deployments with service performance

  • Proactively anticipate performance issues with anomaly detection and dynamic thresholding 

  • Utilize guided remediation to remove data guesswork and increase developer productivity

Full Stack Visibility

Demystify production — and production team — performance

Streamlined monitoring clarifies IT team responsibilities.

By extending observability beyond basic services and clarifying IT team responsibilities, you'll ensure everyone is aligned on what's working, what's not, and why. Then, use real-time application insights and performance analytics to break down silos. This encompasses monitoring system health violations, following guided remediation, and analyzing business impact. 

To eliminate company-wide fire drills, StackState full stack observability enables you to target issue notifications to the most relevant IT teams for resolution, bypassing the confusing mass alerts associated with anomaly detection.

Developer productivity increases with intuitive navigation

Quickly grasp system interdependencies to speed up investigations.

Existing observability tools frequently fail to align with the "you build it, you run it" principle inherent in a developer's workflow. StackState offers developers access to pre-configured, service-centric dashboards combined with ready to use remediation guides to guide developers in how to solve any issue they might face. 

Pre-configured Dynamic Dashboards

Real-time Network Dependency Mapping

Optimizing performance in real-world applications

Experience improved performance with your very first use.

Because you deploy StackState in minutes, seamless application tracing and data correlation are yours straight out of the box, thanks to eBPF's formidable capabilities to handle your entire stack. You'll be able to cover API calls, database queries, message queues and network calls without any changes to your application code — and instantly search and filter traces for faster and better analysis. If you want more in depth insight from any resource, StackState is compatible with OpenTelemetry so any of your cloud resources can also be observed.

Know what’s happening in real-time across your entire stack

Pinpoint the exact timing and impact of each change.

With the power to unveil network dependencies in real-time — and explore historical trends just as easily — your teams will be able to identify service-slowing network bottlenecks and erroneous connections that had previously gone unnoticed.

And since StackState automatically logs every deployment and integrates them into your service performance monitoring dashboards, you'll immediately know how deployments and production changes affect overall system health.

Performance Monitoring Dashboard

Anomaly Detection and Dynamic Thresholding To Predict Problems

Application reliability depends on what's happening now.

But time traveling is a big help too.

Ensuring application reliability is paramount, as it directly influences the end user's experience and reflects upon the integrity of the brand. That's why StackState helps you harness sophisticated analytics, like anomaly detection and dynamic thresholding, to predict and prevent issues before they disrupt performance. You'll find that troubleshooting is a breeze when you see your first live-service dependency map, offering real-time insights into your system's connections.

Sometimes, though, current issues are just history repeating itself. So we take the analysis one step further and unleash historical data to help you consider an application's interdependencies from any moment in time.

Keep your customers happy with better application performance monitoring

Experience a transformation in application performance monitoring with StackState, offering unified visibility, automatic anomaly detection and issue resolution, and proactive service reliability assurance — all without the need for coding or configuration. And because you’re not jumping back and forth between monitoring tools, there’s more time for enhancing or developing new apps.

Curious to see how StackState’s application performance monitoring performs?

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