StackState Pricing

Stackstate's flexible pricing & packages fit every scale.

Flexible deployment options

StackState is available as a software as a service (SaaS) solution and as an on-premise solution. Both packages have their advantages and which solution is best suitable for your organization depends heavily on your own preferences and your organization's resources. With StackState's SaaS solution, you can get started right away. The on-premises solution requires installing and implementing StackState's platform within your organization.

Priced per component

StackState's Relationship-Based Observability platform virtually relates all of your data so you can answer the hard questions: "What changed?" and "Who should be concerned?" Topology data is sourced from different platforms that provision or deploy networks, virtual machines, containers and services or are discovered via discovery agents. Pricing depends on the number of components that are ingested in StackState.

Designed to grow with you

Many of our customers start with a specific use case and set of integrations to get started, and then expand their use of StackState over time. Our tiered pricing model delivers volume discounts as your StackState implementation grows. During your no-strings-attached introductory call, you can get more information about the ways we can grow together. Contact us for more specific pricing info or calculate your potential savings with StackState.

Sounds interesting?

Do you want to start StackState or do you have some further questions? Shoot us a message!