See the state of your entire stack on Dynamic Dashboards

Out-of-the-box access to all the essential data you need for faster troubleshooting.

Collect, connect, and automatically analyze all your critical data in one fluid experience

StackState's Dynamic Dashboards consolidate vital information and efficiently organize it within a centralized platform, eliminating the need for troubleshooting teams to spend time navigating through numerous tools.
Centralized Dynamic Dashboard to Speed Troubleshooting

  • Seamlessly navigate between monitors, alerts, resources, metrics, logs, traces and services

  • Spotlight the most important metrics and all relevant events for each resource type 

  • Instantly understand the status and configuration of each component

  • Click-to-view the “last change” and golden signals (error rate, throughput, and latency)

  • Monitor component and resource health for informed decision-making 

  • Effortlessly access essential metadata like labels, age, owner, namespace, and cluster information 

Single Source of Truth for Engineering Efficiency and Collaboration

Enhance your engineering team's efficiency

A single source of truth also encourages better collaboration.

Organizations can streamline their monitoring and troubleshooting processes with the advantages offered by dynamic dashboards. The convenience of pre-configured overview and detail pages for essential resource types eliminates the need for manual dashboard creation, allowing engineering teams to focus on core tasks without the hassle of setup. 

Tailored insights speed up troubleshooting

Full-stack awareness like never before.

Our dynamic dashboards provide a snapshot of each resource, along with its related components, at any given moment. This time-traveling feature — coupled with the interconnected nature of the dashboards — facilitates smoother navigation between resources, while the organized and prioritized display of data ensures quick access to crucial metrics, with additional metrics just a click away. 

Full Stack Insights for Faster Troubleshooting

Service Highlights to Reduce Human Involvement

Reduce toil and ease the load on SRE teams 

Empower engineers to solve issues independently.

When engineers are troubleshooting without the necessary background knowledge, they often end up bothering their colleagues to get the information they need. StackState’s out-of-the-box dashboards make it easier for development and applications teams to troubleshoot issues themselves, which reduces the burden on SRE teams. With all necessary data collected in dynamic dashboards, an engineer on call can usually solve an issue him or herself, without calling an SRE or other team member to provide troubleshooting expertise or knowledge about other services in the environment.

Can a single-screen dashboard provides better observability?

With StackState’s Dynamic Dashboards, onboarding new teams becomes more manageable since there's no need to set up new dashboards for each department. Each function receives tailored dashboards showing only data from their components — no manual configuration is required. 

Even in complex systems, new and old teams alike will experience quick and effective issue resolution on the first try.

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