AWS Observability for Fast-Changing Environments

Improve the performance and dependability of mission-critical

applications with superior full-stack observability

Merge AWS Topology Across Your Entire Technology Stack

StackState provides seamless support for cloud-native architectures with plug-and-play functionality. Operating as a SaaS solution on AWS, StackState provides the full stack observability and troubleshooting insights you need for AWS services and other key technologies like Kubernetes, Splunk, and Elastic. 

Using existing log and event data, StackState generates a detailed topology map of your environment in under 5 minutes. This helps you instantly understand the interdependencies of your AWS resources at any given moment. When problems occur, StackState helps accelerate remediation by illustrating the impact and guiding you directly to the root cause.


AWS Observability for Unparalleled Insights

A new era in AWS observability

StackState's full stack observability platform provides an alternative to conventional monitoring and observability to help your teams navigate your AWS environment with greater control, improved efficiency, and unparalleled insight.

  • Visualize large environments. Work with an expanded and unified topology of your AWS resources — from Lambda functions to API gateways and VPC groups — in real-time and over time.

  • Dive deeper into observability data. Continuously correlate your topology with telemetry and trace data for even deeper insights.

  • Keep up with change. Any variation, whether applied through AWS CloudFormation or some other means, is auto-analyzed to determine its impact on performance. 

Optimize performance with observability

Achieving complete visibility into your AWS infrastructure is paramount for maintaining peak performance and reliability. By gaining visibility into the performance of each component and function, you can optimize resource allocation, enhance overall efficiency, and ensure seamless user experiences.

  • Pinpoint bottlenecks. Locate and address performance bottlenecks in serverless apps by using OpenTelemetry to track the flow of requests, latency issues, and resource constraints.

  • Deep insights. Efficiently identify dependencies, analyze interactions, and optimize performance by correlating AWS topology with many technologies in a single view.

  • Immediate value. Benefit from out-of-the-box monitoring, anomaly detection, and topology insights in minutes after installation

Complete AWS Infrastructure Visibility for Performance Optimization

StackState supports a wide range of AWS services

Observability for a Wide Range of AWS Services