Infographic: The Shift to Observability. And Why It's Time.

Lisa Wells
Lisa Wells
2 min read

As today’s IT landscape becomes more complex, Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) leaders and teams face new challenges with their tools, systems, applications and systems. Why? Find out in our new infographic: Why It's Time to Shift to Observability.

You will learn about:

  • The changing face of IT and how observability can help.

  • The evolution of monitoring and the data stack.

  • Gartner’s predictions for I&O teams.

This is the first of a two-part infographic series on observability. Read the second one, Achieving True Observability with the 4T Data Model and see how StackState’s unique 4T® data model correlates topology, telemetry and traces at every moment in time, to deliver real-time contextual insights into your entire IT landscape.

The Shift to Observability | Infographic