New StackPod Episode: Defining and Executing a Clear Product Strategy With Andreas Prins

Annerieke Kortier
Annerieke KortierContent marketing manager
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We are happy to announce our latest StackPod episode featuring guest Andreas Prins! With over five years of experience in different product management and product strategy roles, Andreas is currently the VP of product here at StackState. 

If you are familiar with the product management role - either because you have a similar job or you often work closely with product managers - you’re probably aware of the fact that product management is often a very diverse role: he or she is responsible for the product roadmap, the product manager is the one who’s connecting different teams so that everyone works towards a certain goal and often, the product manager is the external spokesperson when it comes to sharing thought leadership content. They also participate in webinars, writing blog posts, briefing analysts and journalists and while writing this down, I’m pretty sure I forgot even more important tasks and responsibilities.

Needless to say, the product manager role can be a very challenging one. That’s why we were very excited when Andreas said “Yes” when we invited him to the podcast. Not just because he’s a great person and because he’s great at explaining things clearly, but also because we were looking forward to hearing directly from him about what it’s like to be a product manager. Questions like “How do you make sure the team stays focused on the long term goals?” and “How do you make decisions in a scale-up when you have big hairy goals but perhaps not the big, hairy resources?” immediately popped up in our minds. Those topics are exactly what Anthony and Andreas talk about in this episode.

“Sometimes I do think a product manager should be Mr. or Ms. Glue. Can you connect the people in the teams to ultimately build that team or company vibe?”

- Andreas Prins, VP of Product at StackState

Make sure to listen to the episode to learn:

  • Why Andreas believes you need to go as small as possible when defining the product strategy

  • How he makes sure to be the bridge between the army of technical people on one side and the sales and marketing people on the other side

  • How Andreas sees his role when it comes to making sure engineers feel passionate about what they build

  • What baking the perfect wood-fired oven pizza and playing with Legos have to do with software development

And much more. 

Listen to this StackPod episode now. Enjoy!