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At StackState, we connect dev, ops and businesses through a unified view of the IT landscape and business processes. Founded in 2015, StackState is part of Xebia Group, with more than 700 professionals spread across the globe.

Mission, Vision, Values

We strive at keeping our values, we let our vision guide us and we will fulfil our mission. This is what StackState is all about. This is what defines us.

  • Mission

    StackState is on a mission to ease the complexities of running and evolving the digital enterprise by providing the means to achieve a high-quality, impact-free IT landscape.

  • Vision

    It will become the new norm, world-wide, for any digital enterprise to have an AIOps platform like StackState at its core to regulate the high-level operation and evolution of its information technology.

    No matter how diverse, complex and dynamic the IT landscape is, there will be a real-time and up-to-date platform that contains every corner at the right level of abstraction.

    This platform will be the central nervous system of your IT landscape that enables human and artificial intelligence, automation and collaboration. StackState will lead the charge in this new era.


  • Improving the quality of life – StackState does not exist for its own sake, but exists to improve the life of people. We want your train to arrive on time, your mortgage payment to be processed in a orderly fashion, bread to arrive to the bakery on time, so you can have a nice breakfast, etc.

    Team play – Large IT environments will always be heterogenous and always evolving. Yesterday it was microservices, tomorrow its serverless, invariably the day after it will be the next thing. StackState will not pretend to be the best at everything, but will help you integrate the tools and solutions you already love, so you will never be stuck.

    Keeping it simple – IT is already complex enough, we’re trying to keep it simple. If there is a simpler way to achieve the same thing, or a way to not bother you with something you don’t need to know at all, we will aim for it.

    Letting you steal the show – The imagination can run wild with the amount of things that StackState can be used for. We just can’t do all those things ourselves, so we will enable you to use StackState as a platform. You will be the one that truly steals the show.

  • Engineering culture – We love to build and to innovate. We take pride in a strong engineering culture that is focused on producing a high quality product that achieves more with less. Proof, logic, balanced trade-offs and reason always win over politics and status quo.

    Open & direct communication – We strive to align ourselves to the truth of the matter, that is why we value open and direct communication. We encourage short and frequent feedback loops and don’t run away from difficult conversations.

    Happiness is important – We care about the happiness of our people. We work hard, because we love what we do. We listen to each other to and try to understand what drives us to make sure we don’t lose touch with our passions. It shows in the end result.



Our leadership team is comprised of industry veterans, with many years of experience as enterpreneurs, leaders and experts in the APM/monitoring space.

Daan Teunissen

Daan Teunissen


Daan Teunissen is the founder of Xebia Group, a collection of services organizations covering virtually all aspects of modern IT, and CEO of StackState. Under Daan’s guidance, Xebia Group has flourished and given birth to multiple new companies, among others XebiaLabs, Instruqt and StackState. Xebia Group companies operate from offices in NL, FR, India, Middle East and US and has a total revenue of close to 100M USD.

Kees van Bekkum

Kees van Bekkum

Managing Director

Kees van Bekkum is an experienced sales executive and is StackState’s managing director. Kees earned his chops in enterprise sales, building out successful sales organisations. In StackState, Kees is responsible for overall company performance as well as leading our sales team. In his spare time, Kees likes to spend time skiing, boating or admiring classic cars.

Lodewijk Bogaards

Lodewijk Bogaards

CTO & Co-Founder

Lodewijk Bogaards is a StackState co-founder and CTO. Lodewijk combines deep technical skills with high-level technical vision. If he’s not working on StackState, Lodewijk might be found playing squash, answering questions on StackOverflow or meditating.

Michel den Braver

Michel den Braver


Michel den Braver, who serves as overseer to the board and CFP, has more than 20 years experience within the IT industry. Michel fulfilled various finance roles, at Oracle, for almost 10 years, both domestic and international. After Oracle he was Finance Director for BroadVision in the Benelux area. After BroadVision Michel was responsible for both the Dutch and Belgian subsidiary of BEA Systems for a period of 3 years. Both BroadVision and BEA are listed at NASDAQ.

Jeroen Storm

Jeroen Storm

Sales Director

Jeroen Storm is a veteran sales leader with a proven track record in enterprise sales. Jeroen thrives in a dynamic, high-energy environment where he uses his sales experience to drive profitable and sustainable revenue. Jeroen loves sports and rides his bicycle any chance he gets.

Martin van Vliet

Martin van Vliet

VP Engineering

Martin van Vliet is a software development manager and part-time geek. He has experience building and scaling engineering teams at early-stage startups. At StackState, Martin works with our product and dev teams to optimise our ability to deliver a high-quality product. In his spare time, he volunteers to teach kids about coding and computers.

Mark Bakker

Mark Bakker

Product Owner & Co-Founder

Mark Bakker is a StackState co-founder and product owner. Mark is an experienced IT architect who lived the problems StackState is solving. With a deep knowledge of AIOps products and industry, Mark and his team design the StackState product. Outside of the office, Mark likes to climb rocks and runs a boyscout unit.

Alex Pinchev

Alex Pinchev

Board Member

Alex is an energetic top executive with 30+ years of experience in the software industry, skilled in developing, growing and directing global operations, sales, marketing, and services organizations. He is an inspiring leader with extensive knowledge and connections in cloud, security, IT infrastructure, open source, and related IT fields, specializing in sound positioning, growth, and go-to-market strategies. In addition to serving on public and private boards of directors, Alex has held four CEO positions, served as President and Section 16 officer in two public companies (Red Hat and Rackspace), and founded three companies on his own. He remains active on public and private boards and continues to advise and invest in startups and firms seeking global expansion, through his company Capri Ventures LLC.

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