Full Stack Observability

Dramatically reduce the cost and time associated with incident management in your dynamic hybrid IT environment

Observability and AIOps for Complex and Dynamic Hybrid IT Environments

Today’s hybrid IT environments contain a lot of moving parts and all of them need to be monitored to ensure everything is working as it should. The rise of more complex infrastructures interweaving the cloud, on-premise and hybrid architectures makes this a challenge. You need a full stack observability and AIOps platform that gives you the insight you need to prevent and resolve issues before they negatively impact the business.

End-to-End Visibility

StackState’s unified time-traveling topology visualizer maps dependencies across all environments over time. Whether you're running AppDynamics or Dynatrace, SolarWinds, SCOM, Zabbix, Nagios or any other solution, StackState unifies all of the data into one location – without requiring you to port over the data. This gives you the insight you need to prevent and quickly resolve issues.

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Root Cause Analysis

With its complete view of the application and infrastructure architecture, StackState automatically tracks any changes and, when problems arise, immediately shows the business impact analysis of that change at any point in time. This means problems can be immediately identified and remedied quickly.

Proactive Problem Prevention

Our zero-config anomaly detection automatically detects performance anomalies and pinpoints their location within your stack before they become issues. Unlike other vendors, StackState eliminates the need to manually configure the system to start monitoring for anomalies. There is no setup or data science expertise required.

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Easy Installation, Immediate Value

Getting up and running with StackState full stack observability for hybrid environments is fast and easy. Our out-of-the-box integration with the solutions you are already using in your environment enables StackState to auto-discover and ingest all topology, telemetry and events within the environment. You can immediately begin using StackState to identify the root cause of issues - and, more importantly, prevent future problems.