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View all your data in the context of the entire infrastructure. Get detailed visualizations, understand how services work in unison and identify anomalies before they affect your business.

  • Understand the correlation between technology improvements and business performance.
  • Gain insight across all your data, tools and teams to apply automated diagnostics and simplify operations.
  • Combine your Splunk data with other data sources to get Operational Intelligence of your critical IT components and business services.


Combine StackState with ServiceNow to get a seamless, consolidated view in real-time. The combination improves your end-to-end visibility and incident management.

  • Automatically derive topology information from ServiceNow into StackState, combined with other tools and data to get a holistic view of your environment.
  • Automatically log incidents and events. Correlate events and reduce the number of tickets to the ones that really matter.
  • See ticket information on component detail level and measure actual times to planned service outages.


Visualize your logs and metrics in one place. Analyze all data, automate root cause analysis and monitor your entire landscape in real-time.

  • Use data from Elasticsearch as relevant input to automatically discover and visualize your entire landscape to provide you the big picture.
  • Unify logs and metrics and apply advanced analytics to automate root cause analysis and spot anomalies.
  • Drill down from service deviation to individual events and see what, when and why something happened.


Receive early feedback on changes and get visibility into the entire continuous delivery pipeline – from deployment to business impact.

  • Deliver software faster, with fewer failures. StackState helps you to make change management easier without requiring you to manually maintain processes.
  • Gain early feedback and reduce your mean-time-to-repair. Immediately see the effect of your deployment and be able to do an automatic rollback.
  • Validate goals and understand the correlation between technology improvements and business performance.

Our 80+ integrations

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