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View all your data in the context of the entire infrastructure. Get detailed visualizations, understand how services work in unison and identify anomalies before they affect your business.

  • Understand the correlation between technology improvements and business performance.
  • Gain insight across all your data, tools and teams to apply automated diagnostics and simplify operations.
  • Combine your Splunk data with other data sources to get Operational Intelligence of your critical IT components and business services.


Combine StackState with ServiceNow to get a seamless, consolidated view in real-time. The combination improves your end-to-end visibility and incident management.

  • Automatically derive topology information from ServiceNow into StackState, combined with other tools and data to get a holistic view of your environment.
  • Automatically log incidents and events. Correlate events and reduce the number of tickets to the ones that really matter.
  • See ticket information on component detail level and measure actual times to planned service outages.


Get a real-time picture of your environment including relationships between on-prem and AWS. Understand the full context and monitor the health of your components.

  • No more blind spots and immediately know when and how one component is impacting other components and the business.
  • Accelerate root cause analysis. Even if they cross cloud and on-prem boundaries.
  • Apply predictive analytics. Get alerted before an issue occurs to take corrective actions for a stable and efficient infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure

Get full stack visibility, monitoring and intelligence across Azure cloud, on-premises, and hybrid platforms. Zero blindspots.

  • StackState seamlessly integrates with Azure and provides valuable visibility across your multi-cloud or on-premise environments.
  • Auto-detect issues and immediately know what you can do about it. Even if they cross cloud and on-premise boundaries.
  • Make informed cloud transformation decisions with a precise picture of your environments. Optimize and realize value from your cloud initiative.

Connect your custom data sources

Eliminate any data silo by connecting the most exotic data sources with StackState’s powerful Integration SDK. StackState is an open Monitoring and AIOPs platform that allows anyone to connect external systems to StackState using integrations. These integrations are packaged in StackPacks. Get the most out of StackState open data platform.

Integration SDK

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