Bonjour Mes Amis! We can't wait to see you at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024

19 - 22 March | Paris, France | Booth J33

See the Game-Changing Future of Kubernetes Observability at Booth J33!


It’s game-changing because it’s effortless Kubernetes Observability achieved with our modern, no-skill-needed platform. With StackState, you get 360° visibility right out of the box, expert-guided remediation, and robust eBPF & OTEL support.

Drop by Booth J33 and see why market leaders KPN and Vodafone trust StackState for their critical services. 

  • Get Tips on Optimizing Your Apps: Book a 1:1 with our Observability mavens.

  • Show Off Your Observability Smarts: Win some great contest prizes! 

  • Live Demos: See all that our no-skill-needed platform can do.

  • Grab Some Swag: Admit it, you’d love some StackState swag!

DAY 1: The “360° Visibility of Everything in Your Cluster” Challenge

Win: VR Glasses (Meta Quest 3)
  • VR glasses offer a full-circle view, mirroring StackState’s 360° insight into IT landscapes.

  • They let you explore virtual spaces as if you're physically present, echoing how StackState helps you navigate your infrastructure with our Dependency Maps.

  • The immersive detail of VR is similar to StackState’s granular observability: no element is overlooked.


DAY 2: The “No-Skills-Needed” Challenge

Win: Drone (DJI MINI 2 Fly More Combo)

  • Drone operation doesn't require a lot of training. Neither does StackState. It's designed for ease of use and needs no special observability skills to gain valuable insights. Software developers love it!

  • Like drones accessing hard-to-reach areas, StackState effortlessly provides visibility into complex, interconnected systems. It's out-of-the-box easy!

  • A drone's ability to fly autonomously is like StackState's automated observability—it works tirelessly with little manual effort needed.

DAY 3: The “Make the Pain Visible” Challenge

Win: BRESSER First Light AR-102/1000 Telescope
  • There’s a reason the OpenTelemetry logo features a telescope as it enables IT teams to instrument, generate, collect, and export telemetry data for analysis

  • But do you want an even better view of your full stack environment? You will with StackState’s observability which now fully supports OTEL.

  • Just as telescopes make distant objects easier to see, StackState brings IT issues out of hiding so you can fix them fast, providing a clear and detailed perspective on your infrastructure to prevent any oversight of potentially critical problems.