Control the chaos with confidence. Relate any app, to any stack, across any point in time.

Single Pane of Glass

See it all in one place.

  • End-to-end visibility into hybrid on-prem, cloud, and microservice landscapes.

  • Automatically correlate business and IT performance.

  • Automatically correlate critical KPIs with application and infra metrics.

  • Fast troubleshooting with frontend, backend, and business services automatically correlated through our perspectives.

  • Integrated access to data lakes/ log stores like ElasticSearch, Splunk, and Humio.


Root Cause & Impact Analysis

Pinpoint precision of what and who are affected.

  • Automatic Problem Clustering.

  • Automatic Root Cause Analysis.

  • Automatic Impact analysis.


Autonomous Anomaly Detection

Your data with our powerful analytics.

  • Zero configuration

  • Automatic selection streams

  • Helps to find the cause of a problem


Alerting & Event handling

Say goodbye to the alert storms.

  • Get alerted on critical issues.

  • Ability to alert on single components/ services or on flexible selections of components/services.

  • Avoid alert spoil, get only alerted per problem, not per monitoring event.

  • Get notifications via e-mail, Slack, ServiceNow, and other channels.

  • Share anything with anyone.

elimenate-noisy alerts

Role-Based Access Model

Fine-grained access control for data.

  • RBAC and OpenID support.

  • Share parts of the 4T Data Model with different stakeholders.


4T Data Model

Insight into your entire IT landscape.

  • Directly link all the important context from your existing tools, e.g.:

    • Logs from Elastic

    • Telemetry from AWS

    • Health from your custom monitoring tools

    • Metadata from you (infrastructure) components

  • Seamless user experience, whether the data is coming from multiple data sources and whether the data is of a different type, e.g., topology, events, metrics, logs, traces.


Programmable Ingest Pipelines

All together now.

  • All pipelines merge into a single interconnected model, the 4T Data Model, on top of which all StackState's features are built (e.g., root cause & impact analysis, single pane of glass, etc.).

  • Easily adjust the way data merges into the 4T Data Model at any point in time.



Modern infrastructure monitoring.

  • Automatically monitor modern microservice and cloud platforms.

  • Discovery service and infrastructure maps in a hybrid on-prem, cloud, and container environment.

  • State of the art low-overhead discovery.


Distributed Application Performance Monitoring

  • Full stack, single pane of glass.

  • Trace requests from end to end across distributed systems.

  • Automatic 'Dashboards' for any intersection of services, including events, metrics, traces, topology (integrated service and infra maps) perspectives.

integrations banner


Agentless integrations.

  • Integrate existing monitoring, event management systems.

  • Integration with cloud vendors to get an always up-to-date service and infrastructure map.



  • Auto-discovery of host, processes, services, and their communication.

  • Support for tracing (Java, .Net, Traefik, Amazon X-Ray).

  • Support for containers.

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Open platform

Integrate any tool with our open platform.

  • Use our Agents to instrument your app, monitor your hosts, containers, and clouds.

  • Use our Integrations to integrate with all your technologies.

  • Include your existing monitoring and IT management systems to get a single pane of glass.

  • Write your own integrations in a matter of hours.

  • Use our Restful HTTP API for full data access.

  • Use our CLI for command-line access.

  • Create your own quick actions to tightly integrate with your existing workflows.


Datalake integrations

  • Telemetry from external systems is seamlessly integrated (e.g., use all your metrics, logs in StackState without the need to copy all data over).

  • Support for all major data lakes, including Elasticsearch, Splunk, Humio, and Prometheus.