Observability and AIOps Platform Pricing

Self-hosted or SaaS observability for hybrid IT, cloud and container environments

StackState for Cloud Native Environments


Per host / month, billed annually*

Deployment Model

SaaS (SOC2 compliant)

Integrations (StackPacks)

AWS, Kubernetes, OpenShift

Time-Traveling Topology

Automatic Root Cause Analysis

Noise Reduction

Impact Analysis

Autonomous Anomaly Detection

Custom StackPacks

Data Lake Integration

Role-Based Access Control



* Pricing includes 10 components per host. If the total number of components exceeds the total number of hosts multiplied by 10, additional components cost $1.50 per component per month (billed annually). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you define “host” and “component”? How are they related?

A host is any physical or virtual OS instance that is observed in StackState’s topology. Some examples include a server, VM, EC2 instance or Kubernetes node. Containers do not count as hosts, since they share an OS instance via their kernel.

A component is a representation of a physical or logical element in your IT environment, such as a router, switch, container, a lambda function or a Kubernetes service. The StackState topology visualizer represents each component graphically, as a box.

The price per host includes 10 components, because the host is expected to run a number of processes and/or containers that are also represented as components. We calculate pricing this way because it can be challenging to know how many actual components you have, but it is easy to know how many hosts. 

Q: How do you count the number of components and hosts?

We automatically discover the topology of your IT environment, so we also know the number of hosts and components present at any moment in time. We count the maximum number used, each month.  

Q: Can I start using StackState in a cloud native environment and later move StackState to a hybrid environment?

Yes. Contact us for details. 

Q: What is the minimum environment size?

There is no minimum size. 

Q: “Billed annually,” does that mean I've got to buy a whole year?

You will pay for one year, up-front.  

Q: Are there any (hidden) variable costs I should know about?


Q: How can I be sure that my data is secure?

We are SOC 2 compliant and have processes in place to be sure that your data is secure. For example, for our cloud native customers, we are constantly scanning our platform for vulnerabilities. For self-hosted customers, we offer a number of best practices and security measures

Q: Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. Though our pricing is based on the number of hosts and components, as you scale up the number of hosts in your environment, the price per host comes down. 

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