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Podcast episode Jujhar Singh

EP #18: Tech: Why It’s Always About the People With Jujhar Singh of Thoughtworks

 · Annerieke Kortier31 min listen

Jujhar Singh of Thoughtworks talks about why tech is always about the people, how you can enable engineering teams to make their lives easier, and much more.

StackPod: Martin Lako

EP #17: Making Customers Successful With Martin Lako of StackState

 · Annerieke Kortier27 min listen

Martin Lako, Director of Customer Success at StackState, discusses keeping customers happy and continuing to deliver the same level of customer service with growth.

StackPod EP #16: Dotan Horovits

EP #16: Observability Is a Data Analytics Problem

 · Annerieke Kortier33 min listen

Technology enthusiast, Dotan Horovits, shares why observability is a data analytics problem that needs to be fixed and not just the sum of logs, metrics, and traces.

Defining and Executing a Clear Product Strategy With Andreas Prins of StackState

EP #15: Defining and Executing a Clear Product Strategy With Andreas Prins of StackState

 · Lisa Wells31 min listen

Andreas Prins, VP of Products at StackState, explains what defining and executing a clear product strategy entails and why product management is the glue.

Murali Suriar

EP #14: Moving From Network Engineering to Site Reliability Engineering With Murali Suriar of Snowflake (Former Google)

 · Annerieke Kortier33 min listen

Murali Suriar, Sr. SRE at Snowflake, shares what it's like to move from Network to Site Reliability Engineering and how to implement SRE practices in organizations.

Open Source Observability With Michael Hausenblas of AWS

EP #13: Open Source Observability With Michael Hausenblas of AWS

 · Annerieke Kortier34 min listen

Michael Hausenblas of AWS discusses what open source observability is and how AWS supports open source solutions such as Grafana, Prometheus, and OpenTelemetry.

Melcom van Eeden StackPod OpenTelemetry

EP #12: What Is OpenTelemetry and Is It the Future of Observability? With Melcom Van Eeden of Stackstate

 · Melcom van Eeden43 min listen

StackState Engineer, Melcom van Eeden, discusses OpenTelemetry and serverless, why it's an innovative new standard, and how it helps SREs, DevOps, and developers.

Yousef Sedky (Axiom / Hyke)

EP #11: Implementing the SRE Practice From Scratch: Lessons Learned with Yousef Sedky Of Axiom / Hyke

 · Annerieke Kortier39 min listen

Yousef Sedky, DevOps Team Lead and AWS Cloud Architect at Hyke, talks about lessons learned in a fast SRE practice deployment with zero to minimal downtime.

Russel Foster on AWS observability

EP #10: AWS Observability - Best Practices for SaaS Solutions on AWS With Russell Foster of StackState

 · Russell Foster44 min listen

Russell Foster, a DevOps Engineer at StackState, talks about ensuring our SaaS product runs smoothly on AWS and observability for SaaS solutions on AWS.

Akshat Shrivastava StackPod

EP #9: What It’s Like to Be a Solution Architect With Akshat Srivastava (AWS)

 · Annerieke Kortier36 min listen

Akshat Shrivastava, Solutions Architect Manager at AWS and founder of SENY, talks about the important, diverse, and challenging role of a pre-sales engineer.

Zandré Witte StackPod

Kubernetes, Container Runtimes and Why They Matter? | E8 | StackState

 · Annerieke Kortier43 min listen

Zandré Witte, Tech Lead on the Integrations Team at StackState, talks about the move towards containerized environments and Kubernetes observability.

Ramfis Adrichem podcast cybersecurity

EP #7: How Observability and AI Can Help the Human Brain in Solving and Preventing Cybercrime With Ramfis Adrichem

 · Annerieke Kortier41 min listen

Security Specialist, Ramfis Adrichem, talks about how observability tools and concepts like AI can support the human brain in solving and preventing cybercrime.

StackPod Episode 6: building a time series graph database with Bram Schuur

EP #6: How and Why We Built Our Own Time Series Graph Database With Bram Schuur (Stackstate)

 · Annerieke Kortier23 min listen

Bram Schuur, Developer and Tech Lead at StackState, talks about the time series graph database - proprietary technology at the core of our time-traveling topology.

Bart Enkelaar - StackPod EP #5

EP #5: Implementing SRE at the Largest Online Retailer of the Netherlands and Belgium With Bart Enkelaar (Bol.com)

 · Annerieke Kortier36 min listen

Bart Enkelaar, lead SRE at Bol.com in the Netherlands and Belgium, discusses the setup of site reliability engineering across more than a hundred DevOps teams.